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Kid!Fic Slash Community

Cause the kids do it the cutest!

Kid!Fic Slash Stories
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This communitiy contains slash fanfiction about the band members as babies or kids (or having kids)
This community is about all kind of kid!fics of all kinds of slash pairings.

That means, we want to read your stories about bandmembers being kids/babies or having (to care for) babies in general.

For MPREG Fics check out mpreg_slash and vipbabies. They are more specific for stories about male pregnancy, we'd like to focuse on the babies already being there!

There is no limit in rating or the pairing you choose.

Please try to go after the following posting standard (it can vary, but it should be close to that)




Type: Being-kid!fic or Having-kid!fic

Warnings: if needed at all

Short summary:

Of course you are also allowed to post picspams, arts, grafics and anything else that is relating to any kid!pairing or kid!fics!

We are saving our right to decide if a kid!fic is a kid!fic or not and we will contact you, if we have to delete your story for any reason.